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UK News 14th May
The Indian version of Covid is increasing in England

Public Health England reports that there are over 1,300 cases of the Indian Covid.  This is double from 5th May.   PM Boris says they may have to have new restrictions in some areas of the country.  In Bolton, care homes have to stay in lockdown.
The largest tunnel machine in the world has started work
The special machine, named Florence, will be working for 3 years to make tunnels in Buckinghamshire.  This is for the High Speed rail project – HS2.  Many people are protesting about this as the project will damage many areas of the countryside.  The Government wants to have very fast trains from London to the North of England.
There is a long covid research study in Scotland
Health experts do not know the effect of Covid for the people who survive or who have small symptoms.  They do not know about “long covid”. In Scotland , everyone who has been positive for Covid can take part in a study.  They want to find out what the effects are and how long the problems last.
Oysters are super heroes of the sea
In Scotland on the Firth of Clyde, there are new oyster beds.  Most people do not know that oysters can live in the sea around the UK.  They were dying out.  Now the scientists have brought them back and they are developing.  Oysters are important because each one can filter (clean) 200 litres of water every day

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