Impact on daily life

UK News  25 February
UK Covid update:  On Wednesday, there were almost 10,000 new cases and 442 deaths. Now the total of deaths is 121,000. The infection rates are falling but pressure on hospitals is high.  Vaccines help people but people must stay at home for now.  18 million people in UK have the vaccine first dose.
There is additional funding for education for primary and secondary schools. £700 million to help pupils catch up in their learning. Gavin Williamson, Education Minister, says children must not get behind with their education because of the pandemic. The money will go to summer schools, extra tutors, clubs and activities. Some pupils will work during their holidays and some work after school. 
The British Army is getting smaller. A defence review say fewer number of soldiers are needed.  That means 10,000 less down from 82,000 soldiers. Why? Army must be more modern and use more technology like drones and robots. The Army already use Kenya, Oman and Brunei as bases and can deal rapidly with any threats.
In prison dating apps are used as scams. It is easy for criminals in prison to use illegal mobile phones to fool older women who are looking for love. Criminals are usually younger and send their real photos of themselves and have asked the women to send money to them. One woman lost £10,000.  Bad scam.  

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