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UK News 28th May 2021
Hancock, Boris deny everything

On Wednesday, Cummings said the Government was hopeless and many thousands of people died because of lack of plan.  He says Boris was not fit to be prime minister.  Health Secretary Hancock should be sacked.  Hancock went to Parliament and denied all the charges.  Like PM Boris he claimed they were working in a difficult time and always tried to do the right thing for people.  They did not answer the questions.  Many people who lost their family to Covid believe Cummings.  They want the public enquiry now.  PM Boris wants to delay until next year.  The trouble is the Indian Covid is spreading very fast in the UK.  Health experts say that it is dangerous.  The Government should not try to remove all restrictions on 21st June.  Will PM Boris listen to the experts.
Scouts lost members and volunteers in the pandemic
There was a big drop in the numbers of Scouts because of covid.  People could not meet up so many scout groups just closed down.  Some tried to use Zoom but that is not good for the activities of scouts.  The drop in members is the same as the drop in the war in 1941.  They will now have a campaign to bring members back.
Buses with no drivers in Cambridge this week
There is a new trial in Cambridge for buses with no driver.  Do not panic.  There are only 3 passengers and the buses will only travel from the park and ride to the University – just 2 miles.  The bus uses special sensors to check where other cars and bikes are and if there are pedestrians in the way.  If it works out they will try to expand to other cities

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