Impact on daily life

Impact 2nd December
Tax experts say that the money the Scottish Government are planning to give to heath and care workers – £500 – will be taxed, and the poorest may lose 75% of the money as they will have other money taken off their Universal Credit.
You have to follow the instructions to keep the virus under control. Here are the Tiers which started at Midnight:
Tier 1 – medium risk
Rule of six meeting indoor and outdoors – OK
Pubs and restaurants closed at 11pm
Work from home if possible – reduce travel
Some spectators at live events and sports
Personal care – hairdressing – open
Tier 2 – high risk
Rule of six outdoors
No mixing of households indoors|
Pubs and restaurants closed at 11pm; Alcohol only if you have a meal
Some spectators at sports and live events
Personal care- hairdressing – open
Tier 3 – Very High risk
No mixing of households indoors or outdoors
Rule of six outdoors in public space – like parks
Pubs and restaurants closed – only takeaway or delivery
Indoor venues closed
Most travel into area and out of area not allowed
Personal care- hairdressing – open
More detail on the Government website.  The map below shows the tiers.

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