Impact on daily life

Impact 15th July
Hospital in Hillingdon in London had to close the Accident department (A&E) because of the virus.  What happened?  There was a training course for nurses on 30th June and they did not wear masks or keep their distance.  One nurse did not know she had the virus and took part.  Then 15 nurses caught the virus from her – she was a super spreader.  The hospital had to trace all contacts and in the end 70 hospital staff had to go into quarantine.  Hospital closed.
Masks in shops from 24th July.  People who are unwell or have disabilities or young children do not have to wear masks in shops.  Some organisations are making cards to say “I don’t have to wear a mask because …”.   It is odd that shop workers are not forced to wear masks – just the customers.  It is actually true that more shop staff have got the virus than other people – so maybe they should have masks.  Maybe deaf people do not have to wear a mask but that does not help if the hearing people are wearing the masks so deaf can’t lipread. It is possible that people could have a clear plastic face visor – that would be legal as long as it covered nose and mouth.  That would help communication.  Now the Government is thinking of forcing masks in offices and all public places.
VAT reduced to 5% for restaurants and hotels – people expect to see price cuts.  But not all places will reduce.  They say they lost too much money when we were in lockdown – they need to catch up.  Holiday Inn, Waitrose Café and Starbucks say they will reduce prices.  Others still thinking about it.

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