World News. 21st September
Some UK people who live in EU countries will lose their bank accounts and bank cards at the end of this year.  The banks like Barclays have told them that because of Brexit they cannot process their money as they will not be living in the UK.  This will affect the way their pensions are paid for example.
There is an election coming up in the USA.  You may have noticed.  Trump versus Biden.  They disagree on a number of big issues:  Trump denies there is climate change; Biden says the 190 thousand deaths are part caused by Trump denying the virus was serious; Trump calls Biden lots of names and makes false claims about Biden but Biden says it is Trump who is creating the racial violence and encouraging right wing groups with guns to the Black Lives Matter protests.  The election is not until November but in the USA you can vote already by post.  But Trump claims this will cause a big fraud as you can’t rely on the post; Biden says this is only because Trump is cutting the funds to the postal service.  The Intelligence department say that Russia is interfering giving out false information on social Media.  Trump denies this.  Now there will be a new fight.  One of the senior judges (on the Supreme Court) has died and. Trump wants to select a new right-wing judge to replace the previous who was a supporter of human rights.  But this was not supposed to happen until after the election – but Trump is trying to get his own way and make it easier to change laws.  It is a huge fight and it affects the UK as well as other countries around the world.

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