World News 28th May
France says 7 day quarantine if you come from UK

Not very good news if you want a holiday in France.  7 days isolation in France, then 10 days quarantine when you get back to the UK.  Germany banned all UK travellers from 23rd May because of the Indian covid.  Spain says it is OK for UK travellers.  All three countries are on the amber list – so PM Boris says don’t go there…. It is still confusing.
More warnings on climate – serious in the next five years
The scientists analyse a lot of data and they use mathematical models to predict what is going to happen.  They worry that when the climate become warmer it can reach a point where it cannot be changed.  It cannot be reversed.  They call the is a “tipping point”.  Now there is a warning that this could happen in the next five years.  If it happens, there is a risk of extreme drought, wildfires, floods and food shortages.  Countries say they will reduce the emissions by 2050 … that may be too late .. even if they do what they say.
Air France and Austrian Airlines not able to fly around Belarus to Russia
The EU has banned flights from Belarus after the hijack.  It also means that planes from the EU have to find a different way to fly around Belarus.  To do this if they want to go to Moscow, they need to ask the Russians to allow them to fly on a different path.  So far Russia did not give permission.  So flights to Moscow have to be cancelled.  It looks like Russia want to support Belarus and does not accept that there was a hijack.

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