World News 14th May
In USA if you have vaccine, you do not need a mask

New rules from the Health Agency, say that people with a vaccine do not need a mask outdoors and indoors.  If you have a full vaccine, two weeks later, you do not need to have social distance.
A member of New Zealand Parliament thrown out – he performed a Haka
There was a big debate and the Maori MP accused the opposition party of insulting the Maori people.  So he shouted out a Haka – the is a special dance – you can see it when the rugby All Blacks do it before a game.  It is a challenge to the other team.  But he was told to leave.  It shows people do not understand Maori culture.  Interesting, right through the debate, there was a New Zealand sign language interpreter.  So deaf people do not miss out on the action.

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