World News 15th July
Terrible rain in China is causing huge flooding across large areas (see photos) and the rain is not stopping.  This just another problem to sort out after the virus.
Wednesday is big day for Apple.  The EU wants them to pay $15 billion (that is a lot!) for dodging tax.  Apple was based in Ireland and the Irish did not make them pay the full EU tax because they wanted to have the jobs.  The EU is investigating the big companies who are finding ways to avoid tax.  The court has to decide if Apple has to pay up.  It is not really a problem for Apple as they have $190 billion in the bank.
Shocking information about the virus in Italy.  On 26th February, when the virus in Italy was growing very quickly and doctors and hospital were running out of equipment, the Italian Government sent messages for help to EU in Brussels.  Al the information about what they needed was put on the EU Emergency system.  Nobody responded.  No other country offered to help.  Nobody was prepared.  At least 180 thousand people in Europe have died and over 1.6 million have the virus.  EU is now meeting to try work out a better plan to deal with emergencies.
In Egypt, doctors who complain about bad working conditions and lack of equipment for the virus, are threatened by authorities.  They are told that they will be reported to the Security Agency which arrests health care workers.  They are checking people on their social media accounts and can see what people say to each other in confidence.  This is not helping to stop the virus.

River flooding in China
Heavy rain causes major floods in China
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