World News Monday 1st March
On Friday, Myanmar’s ambassador to the UN asked member nations to use their power to stop the coup in his country. Kyaw Moe Tun had served under previous military regimes but declared opposition to the army take over. Many applauded him.   China and Russia said the coup was a ‘domestic issue.’ Police and army have killed at least   18 protesters according to reports.
German regulators urged citizens over 65 years old to take the Oxford-Astra Zeneca jab.  They have 1.4 million doses of the vaccine but only 240,000 people of all ages have taken it.  The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, told people to take the jab … but she has refused it.  She says she is too old at 66 years.
On Sunday, in Florida, Former President Trump is giving a speech to a conservative Republican conference.  He is expected to say he has not given up.  He will attack President Biden about immigration.  He will demand that all schools have to be open.   He will attack senators who voted against him.  Many Republicans still say they election was a fraud.  Trump refuses to accept he was responsible for the riot in the Capital on January 6th.
Remember the dogs were kidnapped.  They shot the dog walker.  On Saturday, a mystery woman brought the dogs to the police. Lady Gaga offered a $500 thousand reward to get her dogs back. A woman found the dogs tied to a lamppost.  We do not know if she was given the reward.
In Italy, a 4 wheeled Roman chariot has been found near a Pompeii excavation site. The chariot is almost perfectly preserved with bronze and tin decorations. Archaeologists have called it an exceptional discovery.  

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