World News 2nd December
The Secretary General of the United Nations  (UN) says that human beings are waging a “suicidal” war on the natural worldWe are damaging our planet and its life.  He says that nature will strike back and will be stronger and stronger against us.  He says UN will try to get agreement from all countries to stop harming the planet by greenhouse gas emissions through using gas and oil.   Every country, city, and company should plan to reduce emissions by 2050. But the plans have to be now.  He also wants to see countries helping other countries where the climate change is already causing disasters.
Because Trump has lost the election, there is a rush for him to pardon people who have been supporting him and others who are already convicted.  There is now an investigation of cases where people may be paying money to the White House so that a person receives a pardon from Trump.
Trump still complaining about fraud in the elections.  In Georgia, the top election official, tells Trump to stop this as he is asking for violence against innocent people.  The official says one family has been threatened because the husband was on a contract to support the voting system and was video recorded doing his work.  The family have to have police protection.
Trump is planning parties at the White House over the next month.  There are plans for a ball and there is talk that they would do something on the day that Biden is installed as the new President.  Trump is trying to be in position to come back at the next election.  But so far he has not agreed that Biden is the winner.  Sad.

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