For a full explanation of the original DeafStation and what it achieved and what the aims of the new Deaf Station are, you can download the Story of Deaf Station (pdf).

Deafstation was first set up in 2004 at the Centre for Deaf Studies in the University of Bristol.  This was researched, scripted, recorded and put online voluntarily by the staff.
They did this every workday until 2011, when the University decided it was not appropriate for a University Centre to be providing community support and the staff had to stop.

The original DeafStation looked like this

In 2013 and 2014, the Centre was closed down and the technical expertise which was available to DeafStation was lost.  We no longer have access to that clever technology and so the new DeafStation has had to be set up in a much simpler way.  We will slowly build new design features and gradually improve the way it is presented.

The work is being supported by Deaf Studies Trust as a priority because of the need for information for the BSL using community.  We will eventually need to seek funding for the work but for now we will be able to call upon friends and colleagues to work with us.

You can find out more about the work of the Deaf Studies Trust at www.deafstudiestrust.org