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News Headlines 2nd June

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The new Deaf Station …. because

Deaf people need to know what is happening.

We started on 1st May, giving information in BSL. These are in posts, so you need to click on the “posts “and then you can catch up by the different dates. It includes

  • The current news about the corona virus,
  • About how the lockdown affects deaf people
  • What is this VIRUS anyway?
  • We will look at what is happening in other countries … in other sign languages
  • There will be links to other information
  • We will even try to provide information and activity for kids

This is all new … and we will be changing and improving DeafStation as we go along. New information will appear in the “Categories BSL Video” up on the right of the screen or you can look on “Recent posts” to see what’s new.

If you want see text information, try the links at the top of the page.
There will be more video there as well.