News. 23rd  February
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has launched a new programme so that that the country can go forward.  He says we are on a “one-way street to freedom”.  He is planning for all restrictions to be lifted by June.  Health experts are not so positive.  See our special report for all the details of the PM’s plan.
Are you using whatsapp?  Well, you will need to agree to their new terms.  They say it is just about business but many people are worried about their own files.  Whatsapp now say if you do not agree to the new terms you will not be able to use the app from May onwards.  Users will not be happy after the problems in Australia with Facebook, where they closed down all the sites which used public news.  They had an argument with the Australian Government.  Canada has now said they support Australia.  This could be a problem for these big companies.
There is positive news in the Welsh Senate (parliament) where they will talk about a new law in favour of BSL on Wednesday.  If you are in Wales, please contact/write to/ask an interpreter to contact your member of the senate to support the plan to recognise BSL.  It is time, that deaf people were accepted as a minority group.  Scotland has a BSL law.
Fun story from New Zealand.  They got so fed up with tourists taking the same photos all the time.  Like they saw a dramatic photo/beauty spot on the Internet.  Tourists go to that place and take the same photo again – cliff top, or in a hot tub … boring, New Zealand says.  Now they have a “police” campaign online to stop people taking the same photos.  They have to find something new about New Zealand .. All in good fun.

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