News 7th May 2021
This is a very strange development.  Brexit means that there are rules for fishing.  Jersey is very close to France.  French fishing boats have always been fishing near to Jersey.  The Jersey council decided to make some new rules and wanted some proof from the French fishermen.  Small boats did not have the details needed – over the last 6 years.  So Jersey wanted to ban them.  The fishermen said it is unfair, and illegal, we will come and protest in your harbour.  Jersey was worried that the fishermen would block the harbour.  So the UK sent two gunboats to stop this … crazy. 
China is not happy with G7 interference
The G7 countries meeting in London have criticised China on human rights.  This relates to Hong Kong and to the Uighur people.  Many countries say the Chinese are trying kill off the whole of Uighur culture and language.  China now replies – they tell G& to stop interfering in Chinese affairs.  They say G7 should sort out its own internal problems and stop making smears on China.
We know the UK has cut the budget for aid.  Now we know they cut specific programmes which help vulnerable people.  The money UK saves is less than the money Boris spent on his new Press briefing room – which he does not use anyway.  The projects cut include an accident department in Zanzibar, skills development for workers in Bangladesh and help for pregnant women in Sierra Leone, and girls living on the street in Uganda.  The organisation, Carers Worldwide, says this is stopping important work.  It has taken many years to set up. It is very bad for Britain and people will not trust UK in future.

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