News 28th May 2021
Avoid tax, beat covid lockdown – use a private jet

Rich people are using private jets to get around.  These are not good for the climate.   When everyone else was in lockdown and there were no ordinary flights, the use of private jets increased.  If you calculate the pollution per passenger, the private jets are 5 times more polluting than ordinary flights.  The people who use the private jets, rich people, do not care about the climate.  PM Boris uses private jets and helicopters for just short trips.  It is a good deal for the rich because they do not pay tax on the fuel in private planes.  Now a report says they should pay a passenger tax.  In Switzerland the tax costs about £300 for a short flight and £1000 for longer flights.
President Biden orders US intelligence agency to find out where covid came from in China
China is angry – they say US is trying to blame China.  The usual story is that Covid came from animals – and was discovered in a live animal market.  But many people suspect that it escaped from a virus lab in the same city.  They say there were three people infected in the lab in November but China did not tell anyone until months later.  China refuses to have a proper investigation.
Worries about foreign students coming to the UK in the summer and for University
Members of Parliament want the Government to plan for tests and vaccine for students who are coming to the UK from other countries.  Part of the problem is finding out where the students are – they change their addresses if they share a new flat.  Many students have one jab but then move house before they get the second jab.  At the moment, two thirds of covid patients in hospital are under 45 years old.  They have not had their jabs.  If there is not a proper plan there could be a big problem with students from different countries and ending up in hospital.

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