News 15th July
Government decides to ban Huawei from the infrastructure of the network for mobile phones.  This is the equipment which goes on the masts which are all over the country and then control centres which manage the phone calls and all the data.  BT is the main network operator.  BT says the Huawei equipment is already installed and used and so it cannot just be taken out.  If Huawei are banned it means BT cannot get software upgrades and the system could fail.  They say it will take 10 years to remove all the Huawei gear which is already there and replace it.  And it will cost a lot of money which will be paid for by guess who?  Us … the mobile phone users.
Human smuggling is still happening even in the virus time.  On Tuesday, German police found 31 people in a refrigerated truck (for cold foods).  They were crossing from the Czech Republic.  They were all hiding behind fruit and vegetables.  The truck came from Turkey
Bad day for football:  Spurs manager and Liverpool manager upset by decision to change the ban on Manchester City.  There is a rule in European football about “fair play”.  This means that clubs cannot just spend a huge amount of money so that they can buy all the best players and pay the highest wages.  They found that Man City had been breaking the rules … and they won the Premier league and cups.  So the European football banned them from going in the Champions League for 2 years.  Man City made a big appeal and got the best lawyers and now the ban is stopped.  Spurs and Liverpool and others say this is wrong.

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