News 2nd December
Boris is proposing a new law which will give him the power to call elections when he wants before the official time, and which will stop the Court from interfering.  If the MPs agree he will be able to decide when is the best time for him.  At the moment the law says elections have to be every 5 years.
The court told the Home Office that they had to provide emergency hotel accommodation and money to buy food, to asylum seekers.  This was a month ago, but the Government has not done what they were told to do.  Many asylum seekers are struggling badly for food and basic clothing.
People can visit in care homes to see relatives if they have a negative test for the virus.  This is OK even in in Tier 3 … except if there is the virus in that care home.
Swimming pools run by local councils are mostly closed across England because they are too costly to make them Covid safe.  Swimmers are not happy.
Brexit discussions continue.  The EU leaders have asked for detailed update on what is happening with an early morning video conference.  They want to be sure that the arrangements by Michel Barnier are exactly what the EU has agreed and that no concessions are made.
Premier League clubs will be affected after Brexit as they will not be able to sign young players under 18 years old and then there will be a work permit system which limits the numbers of players who can be brought in.

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