News. 21st September
One issue that has been raised is that any new vaccine will have less effect on people who are overweight or obese.  This is true for other vaccines like for the flu.  The worry is that people might get the vaccine and think everything is OK so they will forget to have distancing and so will end up catching the virus themselves and passing it on.  The experts are saying that the vaccines being tested probably will not prevent the virus but might make its effect less.  That effect could be even less if you are overweight and people have been putting on weight during lockdown.
Remember the Olympics in London in 2012?  And remember the big flats in the athletes village that were for sale afterwards.  Their value was £600 thousand for each flat.  Now it turns out that they are not safe and will need about £75 thousand for each flat to be fixed.  There is no fire detection system, no sprinklers, no smoke control, no emergency power and they have similar risks to Grenfell Tower.  People now cannot sell the flats.
Looks like it is going to be a good year for English wine.  Yes, there is a lot of English wine around … the quality has been getting better and better.  It costs a bit more because of the various taxes but it is worth a try.  This year’s weather has been good at the right time and so they are expecting really good vintage wine for 2020.

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