Not about the Virus

Not about the Virus 9th June
We see major protests against the behaviour of police officers in the USA.  Also now there are plans to make reforms of the police.  But the police themselves are not happy.  In some cases, they are making their own protests to support other police officers who are caught beating protesters.  In Philadelphia, in USA, 100 police officers gathered together to applaud one officer who had hit a student in the back of the head with a metal baton.  The student ended up in hospital.  It looks like the police will resist the changes of the Black Lives Matter movement.
France now says that they will ban the police from using “choke holds” which can stop someone from breathing.  This is a result of the major protests about George Floyd who died in USA.
Astronomers and scientists have discovered that there are repeated patterns of radio signals coming from galaxies far away.  They are called fast radio bursts and they are very regular.  They do not think it is coming from aliens but from other more complicated movements of planets and stars and even black holes.  They are finding more and more of these.  There is a lot more to discover about space.
A British man fell down a well and broke his leg was rescued after 6 days.  He was in Bali in Indonesia.  The well was not so deep and there was not a lot of water but it was a long time before people heard him crying for help.  A team of rescuers managed to get him out on a stretcher.  They say the well should have been covered when not being used.

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